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Is cheap conveyancing beneficial for customers?

You often see advertisements about cheap conveyancing services when searching for conveyancers for your property transactions. But, how far can solicitor reduce the price? Is it really possible for anyone to provide high quality conveyancing service for just £100? Or is it just a trick to trap you?

Actually, conveyancing has become much simpler now since there are more registered titles than unregistered titles. High volume conveyancing with electronic communication and technology also seem to help firms save on cost as well as face-to-face time.

However, if you do not know where to look, you may find yourself in trouble by choosing a cheap conveyancer. To be on the safer side, following are a few questions you should definitely ask to your conveyancer before instructing:

  • Demand a full quote with all legal fees, disbursements and stamp duty expenses. Confirm with your conveyance that you won’t have to pay anything extra that what is listed out in the full break down of charges.
  • Ask what’s the average time required for the completion of transaction.  Generally, your transaction should be completed within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Experience plays a vital part in quality. So, check about the total years of experience of the firm before instructing. Needless to say, firms with over ten years of experience would obviously look more trustworthy than a firm that started last year.
  • Having a dedicated conveyancer is vital to the timely completion of your transaction. Check if you will have one.
  • Make sure that you will have direct line access to your dedicated conveyancer.
  • Ask where is your conveyancer located, and is it possible to meet the conveyancer in person, if found necessary?
  • Check if you will be given online case tracker access and SMS update to know about the progress of your transaction.

If you don’t get satisfactory answers to all questions above, we would suggest you start looking for a better one.

Of course, cheap conveyancing sounds attractive. But, you should be aware about the risk involved as well:

  • Cheap solicitors may advertise services for £100. But, the actual fee you would pay would be much more than that – thanks to the cleverly constructed hidden fee trap.
  • Most cheap solicitors are usually overworked and will be too busy to give you any personal attention, which obviously result in ruining your peace of mind.
  • Cheap convyancers, being busy with bulk work, may not be up to date with the status of your transaction because they will have hundreds of others to deal with. Needless to say, the time taken for case completion will be much longer too.
  • Most cheap conveyancing solicitors are new in industry. In an attempt to decrease the price, they are compelled to employ inexperienced legal assistants too. The end result is: your documents are handled by inefficient people that may result in collapsing of the deal.
  • Cheap services would not be able to provide you dedicated conveyancer that cause too many practical difficulties.
  • Cheap conveyancers may not be able to provide you online case tracker and timely updates via SMS or Email, which compel you to chase the conveyancers always to know the progress of your case.

The choice is yours!



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