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Use of Cryptocurrency in Conveyancing in the UK – why and why not?

can you buy home with cryptocurrency

Let’s delve into the world of cryptocurrency and buying houses. Is it possible to buy a house using digital currency, taking the risk of using cryptocurrency into account?  Are there any practical examples to support the topic of discussion? Learn … Continue reading

What is Online Conveyancing? Here’s What You Need to Know

Online Conveyancing Services in London 1

An Englishman’s home is his castle and being able to buy your own house is a dream come true for most homebuyers. It is, however, often a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness. Buying or selling a house involves complex … Continue reading

What Makes Conveyancing Complex?

What Makes Conveyancing Complex

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring title (ownership) of a property from one person to another. It is a lengthy process that takes on average around 12 weeks or more, based on the circumstances. The process includes legal and … Continue reading

UK Property Market

UK Housing Bubble Fears – What can Bank of England do? Opposing forces are at play in the UK property market. People want to buy houses, but the supply is a bare trickle. What you have now is a market … Continue reading

Lawyers Cutting Corners

Stamp Duty Land Tax Complaints – Lawyers to Blame? The legal ombudsman is receiving a large number of complaints related to conveyancing. In 2013-14, 1500 complaints were received, 300 more than the previous year, with more than £800,000 recovered for aggrieved homeowners. … Continue reading

Ombudsman could hold lawyers accountable for stamp duty

Lawyers may now be held accountable for stamp duty In the wake of the many conveyancing related complaints, particularly related to Stamp Duty Land Tax, the legal ombudsman has released a report discussing who should be held accountable for non-payment … Continue reading

Conveyancing firm plunges into administration

Conveyancing Firm Davenport Lyons Goes Into Administration The prominent London based conveyancing firm, Davenport Lyons, has gone into administration. The firm is now being acquired by the Mayfair based Gordon Dadds. Only a month ago, Davenport’s CEO, Richard Williams, had … Continue reading

All you need to know about Property Auctions

property auctions

Are you planning to buy property at an auction? In this era of technological advancements, nothing could be easier than buying at an auction. You will not have to wait for months for completing the process of conveyancing; everything will … Continue reading

6 Tips to Find the Right Conveyancing Solicitor

choosing the right conveyancer11

Transferring ownership of property from one person to another involves a lot of legal and administrative work, which is what conveyancing is all about. The seller offers to sell the property and the buyer takes up on that offer.  What … Continue reading

House sale conveyancing process at a glance

sale conveyancing

Selling a house is not a trivial task. It is long procedure which involves several tasks such as organizing deals, finding a conveyancing solicitor and many more. You may also be confused about the legislations associated with the sale of … Continue reading

What is Conveyancing?

what is conveyancing

Conveyancing is the legal process of buying and selling property, which could be a simple residence to live in, the premises of a business, or a large development or estate. The legal aspects of the conveyancing process are usually handled … Continue reading

Is cheap conveyancing beneficial for customers?

You often see advertisements about cheap conveyancing services when searching for conveyancers for your property transactions. But, how far can solicitor reduce the price? Is it really possible for anyone to provide high quality conveyancing service for just £100? Or … Continue reading

Should you opt for a contract race?

iStock 000010234224XSmall

Contract race is a situation in which a seller is ready to deal with the process of conveyancing, with more than one buyer. Here, the seller will contact many buyers on the condition that he will exchange the contract with … Continue reading

House Buying: Facts to check apart from normal residential searches

6182895837 e7cf516745

Buying a new home involves many stressful situations. You should be careful in each step. Apart from the physical structure of the building and other residential searches, there are many factors associated with a property. Generally, when you meet a … Continue reading

Useful Tips to Avoid Mistakes in Conveyancing Process

Useful Tips to Avoid Mistakes in Conveyancing Process

The process of conveyancing was designed to ensure that purchasers of home or property get the ownership of a land securely. When a property is purchased, it is the duty of the buyer to ensure that he or she is … Continue reading

DIY conveyancing: Do it at your own risk!

DIY conveyancing Do it at your own risk

Buying a land or house is a very serious process. Either you can carry forward with the conveyancing on your own or seek the help of a third party for the same. There are many people who are interested in … Continue reading

DIY v/s Professional Conveyancing – Which is the best choice?

DIY vs Professional Conveyancing Which is the best choice

Are you planning to buy a new home? It is possibly a ‘dream come true’ for most individuals. You will be spending most of your life time savings to make the huge investment required to buy the property. At this … Continue reading

Help to Buy Equity Loans and Mortgage Guarantee

Help to Buy Equity Loans and Mortgage Guarantee

Help to Buy is a government scheme which was launched in April 2013 to help first time buyers buy property without having to worry about the huge deposits that lenders usually demand. There are two ways to buy under the … Continue reading

Help to Buy – Overview of Home Ownership Schemes in UK

Home ownership is one of the most cherished dreams of an average Briton. But with high property prices and tough loan requirements, it remains a pipe dream for many. In fact, a study by the Office for National Statistics revealed … Continue reading

Govt raises Right-to-buy discount to £100,000 for Londoners

Govt raises Right to buy discount to £100000 for Londoners

Londoners now have reason to rejoice; Right-to-Buy will now allow £100,000 as discount for tenants who want to buy the council and housing associations home that they have been living in. London property is pricier than other regions; so the … Continue reading

Conveyancing searches: rights and obligations of clients

Conveyancing searches rights and obligations of clients

Knowledge of facts obtained by the solicitor when acting for his client can be ascribed to the client irrespective of the fact that the client has knowledge of the matter or not. Thus, a seller can be held liable for … Continue reading

Phew Conveyancing Wins The Sunday Times and The Times “Best Small Conveyancer of the Year 2012” bronze award

Phew SmartLegal Award

London based law firm Phew Legal Services (, that carries out conveyancing under the brand name Smart Legal, has won bronze award in The Sunday Times and The Times “Best Small Conveyancer of the Year 2012” awards. The service of … Continue reading

UK residential rental sector shows signs of recovery

UK residential rental sector shows signs of recovery

The beginning of 2012 was not so great for the residential rental sector in UK, but now it is showing signs of recovery. Property experts “Move with Us” released their first Rental Index report tracking 150,000 rental properties across UK. … Continue reading

UK Property market is driven by downsizing concerns

Property market is driven by downsizing concerns

Latest figures from the property market show that more and more people are looking to downsize their property every year. According to the Lloyds TSB research report, about half of the potential home buyers are looking forward to downsizing their … Continue reading

Govt amendment to Estate Agents Act has pros and cons for consumer

estate agent online

The Government’s proposed amendments to the Estate Agents Act, that will do away with restrictions on websites used by sellers to market their homes to the public, has created quite a stir among estate agents. The Department for Business, Innovations … Continue reading

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