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What is the average cost of conveyancing in 2023?

If you are thinking about buying or selling a property, you may be asking how much it is going to cost.

Conveyancing is a service, not a product. Consequently, the cost of conveyancing will be affected by the property price, the area, the conveyancer or solicitor and the amount of work required.    

In a sample of 46 firms across the UK by Compare My Move, the average cost of conveyancing is £2,239 for buying a house and £1,690 for selling a home.

On the other hand, research by Reallymoving puts the average conveyancing fee for buyers at around £500-£1,150 plus at least £700 for disbursements. For a seller, the average conveyancing fee was found to be £610-£950.

Conveyancers at the bottom end of the range may not be able to provide the same standard of service as firms that charge higher fees. It is prudent to check reliable reviews and listen to recommendations.

Disbursements are fees on top of legal fees that are paid by the conveyancing firm to other organisations. The main disbursements are:

DisbursementHow much? (buyer)How much? (seller)
Anti-money laundering checks£6-£20£6-£20
Obtaining a copy of the Title Deed from the Land Registry£0.00£6
Local authority, drainage and environmental search£250-£450£0.00
Telegraphic transfer or bank transfer fee as requested by the lender£20-£60£20-£60
Stamp Duty Land TaxDepends on the value of the property£0.00

Where a disbursement includes fees for the benefit of the conveyancing firm, the rules require the firm to charge it as supplemental fees, and such fees must not be classified as a disbursement. Also, the fee should make clear that it includes administrative fees and management fees.

Of course, depending on your situation, you will not have to pay for all the above disbursements. On the other hand, other searches may be required depending on the location of the property you are buying, which will be an additional cost.

There is no fixed range within which the cost of conveyancing sits. Shopping around is always a good idea. A good rule of thumb is to obtain quotations from at least three different conveyancing or law firms. A good firm or conveyancing lawyer should be able to provide an itemised estimate of the cost, although it is important to note that this figure may change depending on the results of searches and the need to make additional enquiries.

Conveyancing firms are under a legal obligation to display their prices on their website.

The cost of conveyancing can seem overwhelming. At Phew Conveyancing, we can provide you with a free online quote and offer fixed-fee conveyancing. That means that what we quote as our legal fee at the start will be what you pay. Our legal fee does not include disbursements, but we will give as much advance notice as possible of any disbursements so that you do not have any nasty surprises.



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