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Conveyancing at Christmas

As we approach Christmas, a big question hits the minds of buyers and sellers.

Between Christmas Day and New Year, conveyancing firms and estate agents tend to wind down, with many of them closing altogether. There is unlikely to be much going on in terms of conveyancing or viewings with many people taking time off. For this reason, Phew Conveyancing, like most other conveyancing firms, also closes between Christmas Day and New Year.

So, the question arises whether you can complete the conveyancing process before Christmas and move to your new property before Christmas or New Year.

Will I be able to complete my sale or purchase before Christmas?

At Phew, where we are instructed by a seller at the time of marketing the property and depending on the time when an offer on a property is made and accepted, we would say that it is quite possible to complete most sales and purchases within 30 days. This means that even if an offer is accepted in the last week of November, you could still complete on the sale or purchase before Christmas Eve.

If you are a seller, you need not wait until you accept an offer to instruct a solicitor. The main part of the conveyancing process will always involve disclosing information about the property to the buyer’s conveyancing solicitor and replying to enquiries raised by the buyer’s solicitor. This is always the longest part of the process. But, by instructing a solicitor before a buyer is even found, you can complete all of the paperwork in advance so that they are ready to be sent to the buyer’s solicitor. Your solicitor can also anticipate many of the enquiries that the buyer’s solicitor might raise and make sure this information proactively provided.   

If you are a buyer, then it is a good idea to speak to a few conveyancing solicitors early on and choose a preferred solicitor to understand what is required from you. It shows estate agents that you are serious about buying and that you are ready to proceed once an offer is accepted.

For both sellers and buyers, conveyancing solicitors are also legally required to conduct compliance checks to make sure that the persons and the transactions involved are unlikely to cause identity theft and money laundering. These steps can be completed before you conclude a deal which can save you time.

Will my sale or purchase get delayed if I do not complete it by Christmas?

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to complete in time for Christmas. Moreover, most good firms do not allow completion to be set for the last working day before they close for the year, just in case there are delays to completion, which cannot be addressed until the firm reopens after New Year.

Buying and selling a property in December can be a stressful process. Contact our friendly, understanding and efficient team of conveyancing lawyers at Phew Conveyancing to see how we can help to speed up things so that you can start a new chapter of your life while approaching the end of the year.



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