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First Time Buyers

24 percent increase in first-time home buyer numbers Latest information on UK lending in March 2014 reveals that the number of first-time homebuyers has increased by 24% from last year. New loans given to homeowners have also increased by 17% … Continue reading

Roman Law

DIY squatter could become property owner Keith Best spent 10 years renovating a semi-detached three-bedroom property in 35 Church Road, Newbury Park, Ilford. He found the house in 1997, empty and vandalised, and moved in. Best said that during all … Continue reading

Interest Rate Rise

Homeowners anticipate financial hardship due to interest rate rise According to the 2014 Homeowner Survey by the HomeOwners Alliance and Myhomemove, 34% of UK homeowners fear an increase in interest rates, and the subsequent financial difficulties in the payment of … Continue reading

TSB Stamp Duty

TSB offers to help homebuyers by paying stamp duty TSB has brought back their stamp duty offer to help homebuyers who are in the 1% bracket. The bank has offered to help customers with the cost of the stamp duty. … Continue reading

UK Property Market

UK Housing Bubble Fears – What can Bank of England do? Opposing forces are at play in the UK property market. People want to buy houses, but the supply is a bare trickle. What you have now is a market … Continue reading

Lawyers Cutting Corners

Stamp Duty Land Tax Complaints – Lawyers to Blame? The legal ombudsman is receiving a large number of complaints related to conveyancing. In 2013-14, 1500 complaints were received, 300 more than the previous year, with more than £800,000 recovered for aggrieved homeowners. … Continue reading

Ombudsman could hold lawyers accountable for stamp duty

Lawyers may now be held accountable for stamp duty In the wake of the many conveyancing related complaints, particularly related to Stamp Duty Land Tax, the legal ombudsman has released a report discussing who should be held accountable for non-payment … Continue reading

Conveyancing firm plunges into administration

Conveyancing Firm Davenport Lyons Goes Into Administration The prominent London based conveyancing firm, Davenport Lyons, has gone into administration. The firm is now being acquired by the Mayfair based Gordon Dadds. Only a month ago, Davenport’s CEO, Richard Williams, had … Continue reading

Leasehold conveyancing: Solicitor’s duties prior to completion

This article discusses about the steps to be taken by the conveyancing solicitor before completion of leasehold conveyancing transaction. The transfer deed This is prepared by the buyer’s solicitors. The points to be included in a deed of assignment are … Continue reading

All you need to know about Property Auctions

Are you planning to buy property at an auction? In this era of technological advancements, nothing could be easier than buying at an auction. You will not have to wait for months for completing the process of conveyancing; everything will … Continue reading

6 Tips to Find the Right Conveyancing Solicitor

Transferring ownership of property from one person to another involves a lot of legal and administrative work, which is what conveyancing is all about. The seller offers to sell the property and the buyer takes up on that offer.  What … Continue reading

Post-completion jobs in Leasehold conveyancing transaction

Post-completion jobs in Leasehold conveyancing transaction

This article discusses about the steps to be taken after completion of leasehold conveyancing transaction. Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Ideally, SDLT is payable on the premium and the rent. But with respect to an assignment, SDLT is payable on … Continue reading

The parcels clause and description of the premises in leasehold conveyancing

The parcels clause and description of the premises in leasehold conveyancing

Certainty The lease should contain in precise words as what is transferred and what is not. This is particularly important in the case of lease of offices and flats that are a part of a larger block. It should be … Continue reading

Important easements in lease agreements

Important easements in lease agreements

Access and services The lease should also discuss the ancillary rights pertinent to the property. When leasing a flat (or similar such unit where only a part of the property is let) the tenant should be allowed the necessary easements … Continue reading

Completion process of leasehold conveyancing transaction

Completion process of leasehold conveyancing transaction

The process of completion of leasehold is the same as completion of freehold transaction. Here are a few things that should be taken care of during completion. Documents to be handed over upon completion The seller will have to hand … Continue reading

Rent and rent review in flat lease agreements

Rent and rent review in flat lease agreements

Rents on flat leases are comparatively cheaper, when compared to other premises. This is because the tenant has already paid a huge sum as ‘premium’ in advance and cannot be realistically expected to pay a high rent, as well. Usually, … Continue reading

VAT charges in residential and commercial leases

VAT charges in residential and commercial leases

VAT is not applicable for grant of residential lease. Hence, no such express provision is discussed in the context of residential leases. However, when the tenant is made to pay for the landlord’s legal and other costs, VAT becomes applicable. … Continue reading

Alterations and improvements of leasehold property

Issues such as alterations and improvements on a leasehold property should be expressly provided for in the lease. This is because the tenant’s ability to do so is usually unclear and depends on the centuries old principle of ‘waste’. Needless … Continue reading

Using residential flat for commercial purpose not allowed, why?

Using residential flat for commercial purpose not allowed

Usually when a landlord leases a flat, he includes a provision that prohibits the tenant from using the property for any other purpose other than residential needs. If one or more of the flats are converted for commercial purposes, it … Continue reading

Repairing and maintenance of leasehold property

It is in the best interest of both parties to ensure that the leased property is kept in a good state. The landlord would find it difficult to reassign the property, and the tenant would find it difficult to use … Continue reading

House sale conveyancing process at a glance

Selling a house is not a trivial task. It is long procedure which involves several tasks such as organizing deals, finding a conveyancing solicitor and many more. You may also be confused about the legislations associated with the sale of … Continue reading

What is Conveyancing?

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process of buying and selling property, which could be a simple residence to live in, the premises of a business, or a large development or estate. The legal aspects of the conveyancing process are usually handled … Continue reading

Is cheap conveyancing beneficial for customers?

You often see advertisements about cheap conveyancing services when searching for conveyancers for your property transactions. But, how far can solicitor reduce the price? Is it really possible for anyone to provide high quality conveyancing service for just £100? Or … Continue reading

Should you opt for a contract race?

Should you opt for contract race

Contract race is a situation in which a seller is ready to deal with the process of conveyancing, with more than one buyer. Here, the seller will contact many buyers on the condition that he will exchange the contract with … Continue reading

House Buying: Facts to check apart from normal residential searches

Buying a new home involves many stressful situations. You should be careful in each step. Apart from the physical structure of the building and other residential searches, there are many factors associated with a property. Generally, when you meet a … Continue reading

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