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Cookie Information

-all about cookies and their application

All websites used different types of cookies for different applications. The users were not actually well aware of this matter. However a European Directive was enforced in May 2011, which concerned about the privacy of users in internet. As per this directive the owners of each website was obliged to take the consent of the users for accessing any type of personal information.

On May 26th, 2012, this was enforced as a law. Accordingly, the website owners were supposed to inform and get consent from any user before acquiring any private data. Each websites are supposed to display the details of each cookies used in their respective websites.

Role of cookies in websites

When you visit a website, small files containing letters or numbers are being sent to the server from the system you use. This is called as cookies. In simple words cookies are the set of files which makes a link between the server and your system. With this, the website will be able to recognize your system, when you browse from the same system the next time. They are mainly used to give a better browsing experience for the users.

Cookies are used for various purposes, like

  • Remembering your username or password.
  • When you are using an e commerce website, cookies helps you to remember, the items that you have added to the cart or wish list.
  • It records the user activities. That is you can trace details about the pages visited by the user and how long they use different websites. However, this will not reveal who the user is, it just capture the details about the activities alone.

Types of cookies

There are basically two types of cookies- the first party cookies and the third party cookies. The above examples explain about first party cookies. These are placed by the website owner on your computer.

On the other hand, the third party cookies will be placed by a company associated with the website.  For example you might see a Facebook “like” button on some websites. To activate this button you will have to log in, to the Facebook. This cookie will be placed by the Facebook and hence they will remember your login details and not the website you are browsing.

With the enforcement of this law, you will be informed on what cookies are used in each site and how it works. You can turn off the cookies at your will too.

Cookies on Phew! Conveyancing

  • _utma- This cookie will track the number of your visit to our website. It will also give account of your first visit and the latest visit.
  • _utmb- This is a Google Analytical cookie, this marks the exact time when you enter our website
  • _utmz- This tracks all the information regarding the browsing, like the search engine used, keywords used, links clicked etc.
  • PHP_SessionId – The is a technology that allows to identify your unique session on the website
  • SESS : This helps to recognize you, when you move from one page to other within the website. This also helps to remember all the information that you have entered.

What are your privileges?

Once you have the details of all the cookies, you have three options in front of you.

  • You can allow all cookies and continue browsing. This is the option we prefer. We do not access any personal information and it will not make any difference to your user experience. This will help us enhance the quality of our site and such a way provides you a better browsing experience.
  • Disable third party cookies alone. This will keep off other websites like Facebook, Google or twitter from remembering your login details, whilst we will be able to collect the analytical information.
  • Disable all the cookies. This will not only prevent the above mentioned sight from storing your details, but also withhold us from recording any data about your browsing.

You must change the browser settings, to disable all the cookies. This will be applicable for all sites in general. If you want to do this for our website alone, you should make it a point to turn it on after browsing our website.

Internet explorer

  • Select the internet options tab, in the tools menu
  • Select Privacy
  • Use the slider to select the settings of your choice.


  • Select the tools and move to Options
  • Choose the Privacy tab
  • Select the Use Custom Settings for History in the dropdown
  • Change the cookie settings here

   Google Chrome

  • You can find a spanner icon on the right top, choose the settings options there
  • Select Under the Hood
  • Choose Content Settings in Privacy
  • Change the cookie settings according to your choice

Apart from this there are many search engines like Safari, Opera etc; they will also have similar process to change your cookie settings. If you would like to learn more about cookies we use or if you find any issues in changing your cookie settings, please be free to contact us by email. We will be happy to help you.

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