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Online conveyancing

By Mahinan Pathmanathan

If you’re looking to buy, sell, re-mortgage or transfer the title of any property, you just can’t do without a property conveyancing solicitor. The internet has given life to a host of online conveyancers where the name of the game is convenience!

The strike of the online meteor has almost rendered extinct the old dinosaurs in property conveyancing. Most conveyancing solicitors have recognised the importance of hopping on the internet bandwagon to compete with peers and keep their careers afloat.

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By going online, our conveyancing services have become quicker and more affordable. But, in no way have we compromised the integrity of our firm or the quality of our services.

We have made the best use of all online tools to create a streamlined and functional case management system. All procedures can be accomplished online with utmost transparency and confidentiality. When the reins of your property deal are in our hands, all you have to do is sit back and relax!

Out with old-school methods, in with online conveyancing

Would you go to an overpriced high street solicitor who will demand more of your time during the conveyancing process, or do you approach a fast online conveyancer who has made it his mission to give you speedy service at cost-effective rates? The choice is yours, but chances are you will wilt towards the latter.

Our decision to offer our services online originates from nothing but a deep-rooted instinct to survive the blitz of online conveyancing services. It is aimed solely at growing our business and offering our clients the benefits of functioning online.

With a little investment, we have gone from technology-deficient to technology-rich! Rich with benefits that help us move more volume and ameliorate you from old-school conveyancing processes to give you the cost and time advantage!

So, put your doubts aside and step into our world for online conveyancing services that will sweep you off your feet!

We have a team of dedicated conveyancing solicitors who are abounding in knowledge, experience and skill in residential, commercial and leasehold property conveyancing. This gives us speedy and near perfect completion figures!

Your dedicated conveyancer will ensure that you are kept informed about the progress of your case. You will also have access to all your case details through our online case tracker, making personal visits to your solicitors redundant.

That being said, our doors and telephone lines are always open to those clients who feel the need to clarify their doubts in person!

Online conveyancing – The right choice for you!

Not all that glitters is gold. This holds true with high street solicitors who charge exhorbitant fees for legal services that are routine to most experienced property conveyancers!

We’re offering you online conveyancing services that are superior because they are simple, cost-effective, transparent and hassle-free. Technology can only help create new avenues for you. If you choose to close your eyes to these options, the loss is yours; and yours alone!

You may be someone who approaches the virtual world of conveyancing with great trepidation and is more comfortable with traditional methods. But we assure you that we’ve broken down the processes into very simple steps and we’re there to guide you every step of the way!

Your deal will be over and done with long before your reservations get the better of you!

Free conveyancing quote

With a web browser and basic operating knowledge of the internet, you’re good to go!

Wouldn’t you like to sit back in the comfort of your home, search the internet for a reputed online conveyancing firm that meets your requirements, fill in the required forms and request an online conveyancing fee quotation for your case? How simple is that?

And what’s more – the quote comes to you free of cost with no obligation to commit if you find the quotation unacceptable.

So, you have the advantage of doing the initial shortlist at no cost and minimal effort!

Absolutely no hidden charges

What you see is what you get. Our quotation will contain an accurate and detailed estimate of our legal fees and disbursements. You will not be slapped with other costs on completion of the deal.

Most solicitors, who take out an indemnity insurance to cover losses caused by errors or fraud during transaction, usually recover the premium from their clients.

We do not expect you to pay an additional sum to cover indemnity insurance.

With online conveyancing, the add-ons are eliminated and you’re left with a very reasonable amount to pay as legal fees for your property transaction.

And what’s more – you pay us only when your transaction is complete. If by some twist of fate the deal collapses, we will waive our legal fees and bill you only for incidental costs that have been incurred in terms like disbursements or third-party payments. So, essentially what we offer is a no-move, no legal fee deal!

Keep Tabs On Your Case 24×7

Wouldn’t you like to keep tabs on the progress of you case in real time? Only online conveyancers provide you with this wonder application — the online case tracker! You will be able to log on to a secure page containing your case details, that are updated every step of the way.

We ensure that confidentiality of information is maintained as only you can access your page with your very own username and password. This is a real-time, round-the-clock service that has been created to simplify communication for you. So anywhere, anytime, you have your case details and progress updates at your fingertips!

You can also use this application as a medium of communication with your dedicated conveyancer and vice-versa. All pertinent messages can be exchanged through this application.

We have streamlined our system in such a way that we save you the hassle of visiting our offices every now and then. We can conduct your entire property transaction with the help of services like the case-tracker, telephone, post, email and fax.

In case you’re preoccupied with other matters and don’t have the time to follow your case, not to worry. We send out instant emails and regular SMS updates to notify you as we cross each milestone in your transaction! You automatically subscribe to this service if you provide your mobile number and email address in the new instruction form you fill at the start of your transaction.

This service keeps you informed and saves you time, effort, stress and money!

Communication lines always open

Our system may seem impersonal to you, but it’s been created only to help you save time, effort and money. That does not mean we do not entertain personal meetings or calls. The choice is yours to make. During working hours, our doors are always open to all clients.

You will be given a direct number to contact your dedicated conveyancer and don’t hesitate to use it! You will not be kept on hold; neither will you be directed to speak to someone else. All clients are equally important and we will make the time to answer all your queries!

Safety first

We assure you that we have taken every necessary precaution to ensure that your personal details and case information is absolutely secure with us. Your case tracker page can only be accessed by you with your unique username and password. We also have a secure and exhaustive privacy policy that protects the case tracker against all odds!

Choose the right online conveyancer

Online conveyancers are a dime-a-dozen these days, which makes it necessary for you to make an informed decision in choosing a suitable conveyancing firm to handle your case.

If you make the right choice, you can confidently entrust your case to them and take a back seat in the conveyancing process. You can check online or look up legal publications for information and client feedback on various firms and individual solicitors to help you make a shortlist. But, you could get lost in the vast amounts of data available, making your decision all the more difficult.

Here are a few aspects to tick off your checklist so you don’t end up second-guessing your decision to choose a particular firm…

Conveyancing Fees – Value for money

Never commit to instructing an online conveyancing firm without receiving an itemised cost estimate and a description of services they will provide. Unlike high street solicitors, majority of online conveyancing solicitors work on fixed fee basis (fixed fee conveyancing). In addition to the professional fee, there will be some disbursements such as Local Authority Searches, stamp duty, postage, VAT etc So before instructing, double check whether your conveyancer has covered all these when submitting their quotes.

Always discuss the cost estimate in the initial phase and get answers to all your queries. What you should look at is an all-inclusive quotation with no surprise add-ons on completion.

Be sure to read the fine print in any quotation to protect yourself against hidden costs!

You can expect a sum anywhere in the range of £400 to £800 for good quality conveyancing. The online process helps you get quotations from many firms free of cost. So, feel free to look around and shop for the best deal!

But, take care not to base your decision only on the cost factor – think ‘value for money’! What you must focus on is whether the service offered by the conveyancer is worth every penny you’re spending, even if it’s not the cheapest deal!

If you’re going to fall for the cheapest deal being peddled, the chances are you will end up with an overworked and underpaid solicitor who is not dedicated to your case and has no motivation to complete the transaction within your deadline!

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Conveyancing experience and reputation counts

Online conveyancing firms bank on their experience and reputation of their solicitors to ensure speedy completion of the transaction and excellent success rates. Without sufficient knowledge and familiarity with residential and commercial conveyancing procedures, no firm or solicitor can deliver what they promise.

So, it’s prudent to make the right enquiries to ensure the credibility of the online conveyancer you choose. You should confirm details such as the years of experience the solicitor has in property conveyancing and the number of clients he has represented. Find out if he is accredited by the Law Society or the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.

An experienced conveyancing solicitor should be able to give you expert guidance that serves your best interest during the case transaction. He will know the intricacies of positive negotiation and the effectiveness of being pro-active to speed up the transaction process. Such confidence will definitely put you at ease and ensure a stress-free deal.

Your conveyancing solicitor should be your eyes, ears and voice during the property transaction, especially if you’re an inexperienced buyer!

The property market is speckled with rogue sellers who are waiting to prey on inexperienced buyers. Your conveyancing solicitor is your guarantee that you will not be ripped off under any circumstances!

It’s also important to know if the online conveyancing firm you choose will assign you another solicitor if for some reason your dedicated conveyancing solicitor cannot see your case to completion in time. This has to be clarified before instructing them.

Your conveyancer should be approachable and available

With online conveyancing, you can get away with little or no meetings with your conveyancing solicitors and still complete your transaction within a reasonable time-frame. But, should you feel the need to contact your conveyancer or meet with him personally, you should have all the freedom to do so. The choice should be yours to make! Dismissive solicitors don’t work for anyone. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty for requesting explanations of procedures and what it takes to successfully complete a transaction.

Make sure you confirm the solicitor’s views on being available at a client’s request. Get a direct number to you conveyancer, to avoid being kept on hold or being diverted to a call centre. You are paying for his time, so you have every right to ask him to explain every procedure to you clearly.

Your conveyancer should be regulated and have professional indemnity

You should make the necessary enquiries to confirm that the conveyancer/firm you hire to execute your property transaction is regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA).

Ideally, your solicitor should take out an indemnity insurance which works for both parties. This helps if after completion you’re confronted with deficiencies in the legality of the case or issues of fraud. You have the right to bring up the matter with the SRA and claim compensation through your solicitor’s indemnity insurance.

If you’re buying a property with a mortgage loan, then your conveyancer will have work to do on the lender’s behalf as well. For the lender to endorse the services of your conveyancer, it’s essential for him to be on the ‘approved’ panel of most mortgage lenders.

If your conveyancer is not approved, then your lender will hire a conveyancer of his own and you will find yourself saddled with bills you have no control over!

Is a local conveyancer really necessary?

If you’re using the services of an estate agent for your property deal, he may talk you into hiring a local conveyancing solicitor whom he usually refers his clients to.

Local conveyancers have held a monopoly in property conveyancing only because clients tend to believe that local knowledge is essential to get the job done right. This has driven up their rates with no added service benefits.

Online conveyancers have proved that property conveyancing cases can be handled with the help of a computer, a phone and the postal service. Being ‘local’ has become redundant, so don’t confine yourself to the conveyancer your agent refers or those in the locality.

In complicated property cases that involve altering existing boundaries, creating new rights of way or dividing a property then the knowledge and availability of a local solicitor will definitely come in handy. But in straightforward property transactions, which a majority of the cases are, being ‘local’ is of no consequence!

Online conveyancers can provide service that is more organised, efficient, fast and economical!

Instruct your conveyancer at the earliest!

The trend in property sales with both buyers and sellers is to wait till the deal has almost been finalised before instructing a solicitor. This is primarily to avoid paying hefty sums in conveyancing fees when the outcome of the property deal is uncertain.

But now, with online conveyancing and no move-no fee offers you can confidently instruct your chosen conveyancer in the initial stage of the buying/selling process.

By enlisting the services of a solicitor early on, you can get the preliminary paperwork done and set the process in motion. If you’re selling a property, your solicitor will have the time to prepare a Home Information Pack before you meet with an estate agent. This can help you negotiate to reduce the agent’s selling commission.

If you’re selling a leasehold property, your solicitor will have a lot of work to do behind the scenes, in terms of getting the necessary information from your Freeholder or managing agent. This can be done beforehand, to save a lot of time during the transaction process.

So, make best use of the no move-no legal fee policy and instruct your online conveyancing solicitor at the earliest!