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Leasehold Residential Conveyancing in Fordwych Road, West Hampstead, Camden

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On 11th March 2008, the Phew conveyancing team came across a client interested in purchase of a property located on Fordwych Road, West Hampstead, London. The property was bought by the client for £ 190000. The London Borough of Camden was related to this conveyancing deal.

The Phew conveyancing team inspected the office copy entries and found that the property was leasehold. The conveyancing team also assured that the property was solely occupied by the seller or his immediate family members before the sale. According to a conveyance dated 29th September 1970, apart from whatever was mentioned in the lease, some additional rights were passing with the property & some over the property. Further, some restrictive covenants were registered against the property.

The conveyancing team also revealed that the property stood in an area which came under the purview of Smoke Control Order and Clean air Act. As per Smoke Control Order, smoke from chimney was not allowed and the Clean air Act did not even allow smoke of any kind from other premises, as well.

Fordwych Road is adopted & is maintained by London Borough of Camden. Our conveyancing solicitors’ inspection revealed that there are no plans for new roads or maintenance of existing roads within 200 meters of the property. The value of the property might vary as per proposals of the local authority & it is advised you refer this matter to your land surveyor. The mortgage company should also be informed about the same.

The conveyancing solicitor who appeared for the seller was William Heath &  Co and the estate agent was Greene & Co.



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