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Freehold Conveyancing(Residential), Dawpool Road, Neasden, Brent

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On 17th August 2011, the Phew! Conveyancing team  was instructed by a client to assist in purchasing a property located on Dawpool Road, Neasden, London. The property was purchased for £ 319000 by the client. The London Borough of Brent was related to this conveyancing deal.

The Phew! Conveyancing team carefully inspected the office copy entries and found that the property was Freehold.The absolute title over the property eliminated worries about its ownership as it was guaranteed by the registry. The team also ensured that the property was solely occupied by the seller or his immediate family members before the sale transaction.

According to a conveyance dated 14th September 1928, there were some additional rights over the property -the service installations in the property could be used for the benefit of the adjoining land of Walton Heath Land Company Limited.

According to a conveyance dated 14th September 1928, some additional restrictive covenants were registered against the property:

  • The client shall only use the property as a private dwelling house and not for any other purposes.
  • For any sort of new construction, the building line must be followed.
  • Only one dwelling house having not be less than a value of £575.00 is allowed to be erected in the property.
  • The client was strictly prohibited from the sale of liquor in the property.
  • The client was required to maintain fences on the south-east and north-east of the property.
  • A share for the repair and maintenance of the roads and access ways must be paid.

The conveyancing team also discovered that the property stood in an area which came under the purview of Smoke Control Order and Clean air Act. According to the Smoke Control Order, excess smoke from chimney was not allowed and the Clean Air Act stated that smoke even from other premises was not allowed.

According to a HMO order, the London Borough of Brent must be informed, if the property was to be occupied by more than one family as bed or sitting rooms or any other non self-contained accommodation with sharing facilities. A licence from the London Borough of Brent was required for letting the property as a HMO – Any failure in not abiding the rule might pave way for legal action.

Dawpool Road is adopted & hence is maintained by London Borough of Brent. Our conveyancing solicitors’ inspection did not reveal any future plans for new roads or maintenance of existing roads within 200 metres of the property.

The conveyancing solicitor who appeared for the seller was Raymoond Saul & Co and the Estate agency was Hoopers Estate Agents.



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