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House Buying: Facts to check apart from normal residential searches

Buying a new home involves many stressful situations. You should be careful in each step. Apart from the physical structure of the building and other residential searches, there are many factors associated with a property.

Generally, when you meet a good conveyancing solicitor for dealing with your matters, they will check through the necessary searches like the environmental search, drainage search, chancel search etc. in addition to this they will also look into any easements within the property or overlapping between the boundaries.

Apart from all these, there are some other important points, which you should take care of especially while buying a new home. This article discusses some crucial points that you should not leave out while you buy a new home:

  • NHBC Registration

If you are planning to buy a new house, then you should enquire in detail about the builder. Make sure that you are contacting a reputed builder. Find out if the builder is registered with the NHBC (National House Building Council).

Similarly, it is crucial to check whether the building you are buying is protected by a home insurance with NHBC or any other such reputed insurers. Generally most houses will have Buildmak warranty of 10 years, which is provided by the NHBC itself. Ensure that you check all the essential documents. The builder can also get a warranty from the Local Authority Building Control (LABC).

Apart from a warranty from a credible organization, it is crucial to get additional home insurance. This is because the warranty will cover only certain special kinds of losses or problems that may occur to the building during the time of construction. On the other hand, insurances will give a complete coverage for all the anticipated issues.

  • Section 106 agreement

Once you have checked and cleared all the formalities associated with insurance, then you should check for the 106 agreement. This is an agreement between the local authority and the builder. This is also called Planning obligations. As the planning obligations come under the Section 106 of the Planning Obligations and Community Infrastructure Planning Documents, it is commonly known as the 106 agreement.

As per this agreement, the builder is to compensate the planning authority in terms of money or physical infrastructure so as to get permission from the authority to move forward with their proposal.

The contributions as per the 106 agreement can include transfer of ownership of an open space to the council, financial help for the maintenance of public spaces like parks and plays grounds, contribution for educating children, planting of trees and money for maintaining them, contribution to enhance the transport facilities etc.

  • Section 38 agreement

Section 38 agreement is a legal agreement between a builder and the highway authority. That is, if there is a private road aside your commercial or residential building, the how mower will be responsible for the maintenance of the specific road. If the road meets the requirement of the highway authority, they will adopt the ownership of the roads. Once the roads are adopted by the authority, you will not have to spare money for maintenance.

Hence, if there is a road close to the building, you can ask for the Section 38 agreement to learn about the maintenance responsibility of the road.

  • Code of Sustainability

This is a new reform to the house building industry which came to action from 2008. As per the rule, all houses in UK should have a sustainability certificate. This code for sustainability shows the level of sustainability of each home. This is to control the carbon emission from your house. There is a star rating from 1-6. The stars are given after considering the energy and water consumption. Check for the code and verify the rating of your building.

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