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DIY v/s Professional Conveyancing – Which is the best choice?

DIY vs Professional Conveyancing - Which is the best choiceAre you planning to buy a new home? It is possibly a ‘dream come true’ for most individuals. You will be spending most of your life time savings to make the huge investment required to buy the property. At this stage, it is only natural that many doubts come up in your mind.  One of the most important decisions that you have to make will be regarding conveyancing. The main question will be whether to proceed on your own or to hire a solicitor. Read along to have a clear idea about both the concepts and choose the best.

DIY or Do-It-Yourself

If you have enough time and knowledge on how to initiate property exchange process legally, then you can certainly perform the DIY method, without the help of a conveyancing lawyer. But remember that you will have to devote a major chunk of your time and energy for this. Additionally, you should be in a position to understand and interpret the legal language used in the documents associated with the ownership transfer.

Risks associated with conveyancing

At times, you will have to confront many challenges associated with the ownership of the property, like dispute over boundaries. It could also be possible that the property that you are planning to buy is part of a new road plan. At times, it may even happen that the seller does not have the right to sell the property, or there may be some issue with the mortgager. For example, the owner of the property might have raised a mortgage by keeping the land as security and might not have repaid the credit. Such issues can make the conveyancing complicated. In such cases, Do It Yourself will not be a good choice.

Professional Conveyance – worth your money

The money you’re investing in buying a property or a home is usually quite huge. This means that you must consider all details and be sure that the real estate property you’re buying is legitimately sold to you. This is an important part where you need to seek legal assistance. A conveyancing solicitor with sufficient experience can help you in solving all the complications and acquiring the property legally.

Maintains the legal documents

The conveyancing process is quite difficult so when you employ a conveyancing solicitor, you will get more time to focus on other factors. Further, the solicitor helps in filling up the legal files correctly. Almost every omission in filling up the forms and documents associated with conveyancing may add to your cost.

Explains the legal terms

The legal terminology may not be understood by a person with average skills. In order to explain such terms, the assistance of a conveyancing lawyer is required. Wrong understanding can also plunge you into unwanted troubles like disputes with other parties. This will also help you keep your documents updated and consistent.

Easy mortgage

Are you planning to get a mortgage for your new home? If yes, then hiring a solicitor will be truly helpful. This is because most mortgagers will be confident in providing loans to those clients who have the assistance of solicitors. In other cases like chain conveyancing, the level of complications will be even higher. But hiring a solicitor will help you complete on time and hence avoid unnecessary costs and tensions.

Don’t take a risk

Even though there are many people who think handling the conveyancing process is very simple, it is crucial to be aware of the risks associated with transferring the deeds of the property, without sufficient knowledge and expertise. Many people have been subjected to issues such as terrain conflicts and repossession regarding property that was illegitimately obtained. The legal part of transferring ownership associated with house from one particular individual to another should be taken care of by a conveyancing solicitor.

Hence if you are planning to purchase or sell a property, it is always be better to seek the help of professionals, than doing it yourself. Spending an amount as a conveyancing fees will never be a loss as it will help you avoid many unwanted costs.

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