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Seller’s checklist for property sale completion

The conveyancing solicitor for the seller has to make sure that:

  1. That the transfer deed has been approved and all requisitions have been answered.
  2. The transfer deed has been received from the buyer, and it has been executed (when appropriate) along with the plan (when applicable).
  3. The seller and the witness’s signatures have been obtained on the transfer deed before completion.
  4. The redemption figures for the mortgage have been obtained.
  5. Appropriate receipts like rent receipts, etc. have been obtained.
  6. A pre-completion statement stating the amount of money due on completion has been obtained and two copies of the same are sent to the buyer before completion.
  7. The client is reminded to arrange for the final reading of the meters at the property.
  8. Forms for the discharge of land charges are prepared when necessary.
  9. Undertakings that are required to be prepared on completion are prepared.
  10. Arrangements for the discharge of the seller’s mortgage, method of payment etc. are prepared .
  11. All outstanding queries are handled.
  12. A list of all issues is dealt with on actual completion.
  13. Deeds and documents that are to be inspection or handed over to the buyer on completion are ready. Certified copies of documents that shall not be handed over to the buyer during completion is ready to be handed over on completion.
  14. Two copies of schedule of deeds are to be handed over to the buyer on completion.
  15. An inventory of and receipt for the money payable for chattels are prepared.
  16. Arrangements are made for the vacant possession and handing over of keys.
  17. All instructions from the buyer’s conveyancing solicitor are received to act as his agent on the completion and carry out the instructions wherever considered necessary.
  18. All arrangements are made with the buyer’s solicitor to decide on the time and place of completion.
  19. Estate agents are informed about the arrangements for completion.
  20. Clients’ bill is ready for submission.



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